Ayurveda Therapy Business for Franchise

Create Health – Create Wealth

Do you have an up-scale residential enclave or a large seafront/uptown space (of around 1000 sqft) for Alternate Healthcare Services? Are you interested in offering premier Ayurveda services at your location? If yes, here’s a business opportunity you can’t resist.

This is about building a world-class Ayurveda Therapy Center in your location, with the support of AROGYASIRI. We provide you a detailed blueprint through Franchise Model where in we setup and provide skilled manpower in less than 45 days with adequate Marketing Support and Brand Campaigning using digital medium which promotes development of a new-generation Ayurvedic spa-cum-clinic, with all features and facilities needed for authentic ambiance and treatment. After the center is established, we  provide you with Ayurvedic therapists & Ayurvedic physicians trained by us for total onsite management of your center.


Apart from rejuvenation treatments, AROGYASIRI can help you in providing Panchakarma treatment, beauty therapies, weight loss solutions, allergy management and a variety of other treatments at your center. In case of any particular health complaint, the resident Ayurvedic physician can also provide immediate and professional care.

With people becoming increasingly aware of the incredible benefits of Ayurveda, this offer would mean a fine opportunity for you in terms of business as well as human service.

Our business projection indicates Return on Investment in just 18 months and Capital growing 8 multiple in 5 times.

We, as Franchisor, offer the following:

  • Manpower – Skilled manpower supply through the period
  • Setup – Complete furnishing setup necessary for an unit
  • Marketing – Centralized digital marketing through SMM & SEO
  • Branding – Complete Branding for total look and feel
  • Technology – On the move technology for business to stay connected
  • Medical Specialist – Qualified Doctors attached to each units
  • Human Resource – Screening, Recruitment Training , Payroll and Statutory
  • Education – Developing various education program to popularize alternate care