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Arogyasiri Ayurveda welcomes you to experience the holistic approach of Ayurveda for good health, wellness and a great lifestyle.

We are an Ayurvedic Therapy Centre, in the heritage city of Mysore. Our approach is backed by the time-tested age old practices of Ayurveda and Yoga, the legacy of which has guarded the welath of health of people over generations. We welcome you to experience the healing essence of Ayurveda, in the land of the science and wisdom.


We are specialized at

General health & Ayur Wellness

Pain management & Healing

Body detoxification & Wellness

Stress management & Healing

Health & healing – Mindfulness – Inner wellbeing

  • Understand your body & composition
  • Take a step towards Ayurvedic way of life
  • Understand the right diet & habits
  • Heal & recoup from an illness/condition
  • Get treated from a painful condition
  • Get treated for lifestyle disorders
  • Transform your health & lifestyle

Nadi pariksha: A detailed guide to your body & wellness

The index, middle and ring finger correspond to vata, pitta and kapha on the wrist at radial artery. The movement of blood in this artery, which results in contraction and relaxation of the blood vessel, sends out signals.. A vaidya or an ayurvedic doctor will have exact knowledge to make sense of the pulse or the signals that come from the pulse.The origin of this approach is in knowing that all living beings occur from nature and there are five natural elements in the whole of the universe, in everything. Those 5 natural elements are  Earth, Air, Water, Space and Fire. Every individual possesses a combination of these five elements at different degrees. If you have heard of Pancha Bhoothas, yes, we’re talking exactly about that. 






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Ayurveda is a 5000-year ancient science originated from India. Ayu means life and Veda means science, which makes Ayurveda the science of life. We say Ayurveda is a ‘way of life’ as it offers holistic and comprehensive knowledge about food, lifestyle, habits, exercise and goes hand in hand with Yoga. Yoga and Ayurveda together account for the most trusted, reliable and the best forms of preventive and curative medicine. It is believed in Ayurveda that ‘Health’ is the balance between mind, body and soul and not mere absence of disease.


Ayurvedic cooking

Therapeutic Yoga

Health report


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